With these new simulators, the calculation of the credit offer is very easy. It is possible to calculate the offer details according to the requested credit amount and maturity with Credit Protection Insurance (CPI), Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) or Extended Warranty (EW) Insurance options for both balloon credit and classic credit offers for Renault and Dacia.

After the final calculation, customers can finalize their seamless customer journey with clicking the “Fast Credit Application” button on simulator. Clicking the button opens the lead form with pre-populated car price, credit amount and maturity.

The customer only needs to fill the ID number, mobile and e-mail while making selection for the closest dealer to finish the pre-acceptance process. After this process, dealers are informed about the lead and advised to contact the customer immediately.

With these simulators, our financial and services solutions are integrated to Renault and Dacia digital customer journeys, a key factor increase Renault customer satisfaction and loyalty.


How does it work?

  1. The customer clicks on the “Financing” button on the model page.

  2. Then he clicks on the “Fast credit application” button in the financial simulator.

  3. He compares the monthly instalments for different versions on the model page.

  4. He gets the calculation of the monthly instalments for selected versions.

  5. Through this seamless customer journey, the customer can request his “fast credit application” at the end of the configurator.

Simulateur ORFIN 2