At the end of June 2021, RCI Bank Financial Services Korea launched a car subscription service "Renault Mobilize" to offer a full range of mobility services in South Korea. This subscription formula enriches the car subscription activities offered by the RCI Bank and Services group to meet a new and growing customers' need. 


This car subscription offer is available on the Renault Mobilize application, which can be downloaded from Google Play and Appl App Store.

Renault Samsung QM6, SM6, XM3 (which are known as KOLEOS, TALISMAN, ARKANA on other markets) and Renault ZOE models are available, and the subscription includes all vehicle maintenance services. For each vehicle, it is possible to subscribe for 1, 3, or 6 months.

The application allows 100% digital use and the customer may designate the location where the subscribed vehicle will be delivered.

The « Car-Fe »: an original launch event

To increase awareness of the application and gain new users, the South Korean subsidiary of RCI Bank and Services organized an event called "Car-Fe" last October. 8 locations were selected in business districts and public places in Seoul to target potential new users.

At each location, free coffee was offered to people who wanted to subscribe to the offer using the app.