On nissan.co.uk, customers can browse which new cars are available for sale in all the UK local dealerships and experience a full digital journey, in touch with the local dealer.

Customers can reserve a vehicle for a booking fee from £99.

This journey consists in 6 steps, associating digital and car dealers in a seamless experience.

  • The customer can see vehicle stock at their local dealer directly on Nissan's website.
  • Customers can use the finance calculator to anticipate the financing of the vehicle with various characteristics (customer deposit, term, mileage, etc). This step enables the customer to have a quote.
  • The customer can then proceed to a finance eligibility check feature directly on the website.
  • Then the order and final figures are processed by the dealer to finalize the order.
  • Then the customer can apply for full finance online.
  • Once the finance agreement is ready for signature, the customer can sign this document online, instead of having to go into the dealer to do this.

Customer can apply for full finance online once vehicle order and the final figures have been agreed with the dealer.