Launched in 2002, RCI Leasing Romania recently celebrated its fifteenth anniversary while topping 150,000 financing contracts and €150 million in loans to customers of the Renault-Nissan Alliance brands. The key to success? Personalized offers well matched to the expectations of customers in all segments of the Romanian market.

RCI Bank and Services opened offices in Romania in 2002. At the start, this subsidiary focused on the corporate market, offering lease financing[1] to business customers who wanted to finance their fleets of Dacia, Renault or Nissan vehicles. In response to key account customers who wanted to renew their fleets more regularly, RCI Leasing Romania launched an innovative long-term leasing product in 2007.

Since then, it has worked with the carmakers and its dealer network to continually adapt its offers to its B2B customers’ needs and expectations. This strategy has paid off: in 2016, financing volumes increased by 24% for local fleets and 61% for key accounts. RCI Leasing Romania is currently the leader in both segments for the financing of Dacia, Renault, and Nissan vehicles.


A financing offer designed for romanian households

In 2012, the Romanian central bank shortened the term of consumer loans from ten to five years. Having partnered until then with the Société Générale in the retail segment, RCI Leasing Romania decided to launch its own lending activity as a result of this new regulation, which allowed it to refinance this business and offer competitive rates.

Following extensive analysis of the needs of private customers, in 2016 RCI Leasing Romania launched new financing offers with the most attractive effective global rates[1] on the market, applying to all the Alliance brands. These financing solutions have won over Romanian households, with sales of new vehicle financing contracts more than doubling between 2015 and 2016.

Financing, services and customer satisfaction: positive indicators across the board for RCI leasing Romania

Boosted by its offer of complementary financing products, the Romanian subsidiary’s penetration rate[2] has risen to 24.4% today, up about 5 points from 2015. This is its highest level since the crisis in 2008. The trend is the same for services, with more than three sold per financing contract in 2016.

Customer satisfaction, a key indicator for RCI Leasing Romania and one of its objectives since 2011, stands at 95%.


[1] The effective global rate is used to assess the total loan cost.

[2] The number of new Alliance vehicles financed / the number of new Alliance vehicles registered.