Renewal offers for retail customers based on Renault's quotation tool

The new offer aims at renewing the customer’s current car with a brand new Renault or Dacia car with similar monthly payment options on their current contract, while trading in their current car. 

Sales advisors are now able to provide our Turkish customers with instant customized offers on the call, thanks to the use of the online Renault2 Used Car quotation tool, especially as the end of their agreement approaches. With the help of this tool, sales advisors can instantly price the customer’s used car with the combined finance offer and suggest them a renewal offer, while explaining its details.  

After the call, customers that accepted a renewal offer are instantly directed to a dealer. Dealers receive qualified leads so that they can call customers and invite them to complete the renewal of their contract at the dealership. 

A process that benefits to retail customers and dealerships

With this new process, customers and dealers feel confident with the tool calculation, thanks to the accuracy of the price in frame of market conditions.  

Customers take advantage of a powerful tailor-made financial offer with additional discounts. They benefit from a quick response on their used car value; as the quotation is simple and safe, under Renault standards. They have the opportunity to trade in their current car while at home; with an accurate pricing and all the process is then handled by the same dealer.