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February 09th, 2021

South Korea: a full online loan application with the “Renault Finance” app

RCI Financial Services Korea just launched the “Renault Finance” mobile app. This new smartphone application allows South Korean customers a speedy loan application process anytime and anywhere, guaranteeing them a fully digital and omni-channel journey entirely linked to the Renault Samsung Motors brand. A process that is very convenient for customers looking for personalized contactless, reliable and forthwith agreements, especially in the current pandemic situation.

Renault Finance app: 3 steps for a loan application

First step, the finance simulator. The customer can check out all types of car models, adjust pre-payment amounts and set installment payments. The application will generate various financial quotations for the desired vehicle model.

Second step, the credit inquiry. After receiving the quotation result, the customer can check out the available credit limit. They can consider various finance products per credit limit amount. In the credit inquiry process, the app also suggest users to upgrade to a premium product type and the credit inquiry result can be saved in a QR code format for ‘speedy’ consultation when the customer steps into the dealership.

Last step, the loan application. The customer can apply for a loan, confirm his car contract information and input his payment and personal information. The Renault Finance app enables the customer to track his contract information and payment schedule.

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The advantages of this mobile app?

  1. Finish loan application without visiting the dealer shops with simple verification process.
  2. Support fast car delivery through 24 hours automatic underwriting regardless of holidays and weekends.
  3. Reduce customer concerns of face to face service due to COVID-19 and increase the convenience by contactless finance service.

Renault Finance is dedicated to offer the best and most qualitative experience to Renault Samsung Motors customers. Thanks to a digital end seamless journey, we secure customers looking for personalized contactless, reliable and forthwith agreements. 

CEO of RCI Financial Services Korea​