What are the latest developments of RCI Bank and Services in terms of e-payment?

For 3 years, we have carried out many initiatives including e-payment. Other carmakers have also worked on this matter through the launch of several vehicles via online payment.

Over the past 12 months, we supported the Alliance in several strategic projects. In the UK and Germany, customers can now buy their new Dacia entirely online, as pay-in and pay-out are managed by our e-payment solutions (customer payment and sending customer payment to the manufacturer). Since September 2019, pre-reservation is available for the new Nissan Juke in France, Italy and Germany.

Overall, more than 30 projects were completed or are currently underway! 84 e-shop work to date with our e-payment solutions for Renault, Nissan, Dacia, Alpine, Zesto, etc…

What are the benefits of e-payment solutions?

These solutions benefit everyone!

They offer several advantages, first of all to car brands. Indeed, they benefit from a single turnkey solution that facilitates deployment of projects, in particular the most complex, while offering customers a streamlined experience.

The customer enjoys a seamless experience with 100% online payment, as well as the guarantee of being one of the first owners of a new vehicle thanks to online pre-reservation. .

To your opinion, what are the perspectives of 100% online payment?

Our goal is to support the changing priorities and needs of our customers.

This is why we are also focusing on projects such as online payment in several instalments in Europe, instant payment which allows users to complete bank transfers in approximately 10 seconds, innovative solutions to support coverage activities via payment by SMS, email, WhatsApp, interactive vocal server, and last but not least, in-car payment (from the vehicle) to manage drivers' expenses in mobile situations.